Department of Physics






 Professor Latika Menon




 Post-Doctoral Research Associate

 Eugen Panaitescu (Physics)


 Graduate Students (PhD program)

 Zheng Ma (Physics)

 Lili Wang (Physics) 

 co-advising - Pegah Hosseinpour (Chem. Engr. Advisor: Laura Lewis)




 PhD program (completed)

 Christiaan Richter (Chemical Engineering, Co-Advisor: R. Willey)

 completed Spring 2008, currently Assistant Professor at Rochester Institute of Technology

 Zhen Wu (Physics)

 completed Summer 2008, currently faculty at Software Engineering Institute of East China Normal  University, Shanghai

 Adam Friedman (Physics)

 completed Spring 2009, currently Research Scientist at Naval Research Lab, Washington D.C.

 Eugen Panaitescu (Physics)

 completed Spring 2009, currently a post-doc at Northeastern University

 Mohamed AbdElmoula (Physics)

 completed Summer 2011, currently a post-doc at Carnegie Mellon University


 MS program (completed)

 Steven Bennett (Mechanical, Co-Advisors: M. Upmanyu, D. Heiman)

 completed Fall 2011

 Undergraduate Students

 Jesse Silverberg (co-op program, Physics, July-Dec. 2006)

 Steven Bennett (Mech. Engr. May - Dec. 2007, July-Aug. 2008)

 Derrick Brittain (Physics, May-June 2007)

 Bridget Brooke (Physics, Jan-Apr. 2008)

 John Spencer Morris (Physics, Jan-Apr. 2008)

 Suketu Patel (Physics, Jan-Apr. 2008)

 Selena Rice (co-op Biology, Sept-Dec. 2008)

 Richard Lee (co-op Physics, Sept- Dec. 2008)

 Katherine Martinez (Physics, Jan-Apr. 2009)

 Joshua McGrath (Physics, Jan-Apr. 2009)

 Brendan Tanguay (co-op Physics, Sept 2009 - Jan. 2010 )

 Ragen McAdoo (co-op Physics, Sept-Dec. 2008, May 2009-Apr. 2010)

 Dillon McDowell (co-op Physics, Sept 2009-Apr. 2010)

 James Mansicalco (Physics, June - Aug. 2010)

 Joshua Morris (Physics, Jan - Sept. 2011) 

 Dalmau Reig (Physics, Jan. 2010-Dec. 2011)



 Visiting High School Students

 Alex Ang (MIT, RSI program, Aug. 2006)

 Chris Sullivan (June 2007)

 Ada Undieh (MIT, RSI program, July 2007)

 David Yin (MIT, RSI program, July 2007)

 Rajarshi Roy (MIT, RSI program, July 2008)

 Sara Sinno (MIT, RSI program, July 2010)

 Akshai Baskaran (MIT, RSI program, July 2010)


 Research Experience for Teachers

 Carlos Coral-Gomez (Middlesex Comm. College)

 Farzaneh Najmabadi (Mass. Bay Comm. College)


 Research Experience for Undergraduates

 Olena Bolila (Miami College)